Kat Jazz - Gyan Residency Concert (International Jazz Day / Finale)
Kat Jazz - Gyan Residency Concert (International Jazz Day / Finale)

Kat Jazz - Gyan Residency Concert (International Jazz Day / Finale)


The closing act for Katjazz 2024! We invite you to join in celebrating International Jazz Day with the showcase performance of the Gyan Residency, a cultural exchange project that will take place during the Katjazz festival.

The residency aims to bring together three Nepali maestros with a Hindustani music background, Shree KC (Dhrupad Vocals), Santosh Bhakta Shrestha (esraj) and Jagannath Dhaugoda (tabla), along with international artists from allover the world participating in the festival.

The residency will consist of two stages: a workshop stage and a composing stage.

During the workshop stage, which will take place from April 18 to April 20, Hindustani classical musicians will give workshops to western musicians on Hindustani classical music. The workshops aim to deepen the western musicians' understanding of Hindustani music and provide opportunities for cross-cultural learning and exchange.

The composing stage of the residency will take place from April 23 to April 25. During this stage, all the musicians involved will work together to compose music that fuses Hindustani, Nepali folk, and western music. This collaborative process aims to create a new body of work that reflects the diverse musical traditions of the participating artists and promotes cultural exchange.

The international artists participating in the residency include Tomas Carrasco (Chile), Moa Edmunds (Chile), Juliana Rodrigues (Brazil), Javi Delgado, Guillermo Martín-Viana, Pedro Cortejosa (Spain), Enji Erkhem (Mongolia/Germany) and several Nepali folk musicians, like the folk music researcher and singer Pushpa Palanchoke.

They bring with them diverse musical backgrounds and experiences that will enrich the residency and contribute to the creation of new music that reflects the fusion of different musical traditions.

The main objectives of the Gyan-KJC Residency are to promote cultural exchange, create awareness of Hindustani music, and create contemporary fusion music. By bringing together musicians from different cultures and backgrounds, the residency aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of different music traditions.

Venue Location

Jamshikel, Patan (Lalitpur), Nepal




Ticket Price:

Rs. 1200.0 ( Normal Entrance Rs. 1200 )